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Scenery in the North American forest for stock photography of trees, beautiful Jeffrey Pine trees in evergreen forest. Great nature scenes pictures were available. I needed to snowshoe out to this scenic landscape picture location in the inland Southern California mountains for Jeffrey Pine tree pictures. The Pine tree scenes of winter snow were nice for scenic photos. The winter stock photos of landscapes of forest scenes, snow, trees, clouds and blue sky were tricky as strong wind was moving the tree forests at this high country place with a mild winter storm.

These Jeffrey Pine trees, scenes with snow made such nice nature scenery for stock photos of forest scenery. Winter snow scenes photographs are nice of this scenic evergreen forest of conifer trees. North American trees, Jeffrey Pine tree have a nice vanilla fragrance. The pines tree trunk bark looks like the Ponderosa Pine tree, textured deeply and colorful. Pine trees are conifer trees, cone bearing trees. The crown of big tall Jeffrey Pine tree is flat, almost like it is stunted in growth. Los Padres National Forest stock photos Jeffrey Pine trees Pinus jeffreyi.

Jeffrey Pine tree pictures with snow and winter scene photos of forest scenery were made during a storm break. I made scenic stock photos backgrounds forest photos of trees, snow, and pine cones ( frosty in trees for nature cards) variety of subjects including tree, forest stock photos on California pictures. Scenic California landscapes are great for scenic pictures of mountain scenes and nature stock photos in the national forest and California national park's.

Nature stock photography of California natural environment is varied as climate changes in mountains about every hour of open road travel. Storm weather is tough for outdoor photography. Scenic forest roads I travel are safe (except black ice) unless you go deep in the forest background. Los Padres National Forest is huge, big mountains as you travel Southern California coast environment to rural Central California state. I travel mountains for Pacific Coast photos of California scenes, beautiful trees and snow scenes nature stock photos of forest landscapes in California mountains. We have more tree, scenic landscape stock photos and California stock photography of scenes and nature pictures. Digital stock photo library of California images, CD's of nature scenes collection of autumn mountain creek images, mountain scenes stock photos.
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