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Southern California nature photography collection. Scenic photos of landscapes, natural landscape photos of California. Photography of scenery, view the photo list of California pictures Map of photos available, locations of scenic mountains. View beautiful mountain landscape photos, mountains of Southern California coastal sights. California scenic photography nature photos, scenic areas, water images, reflection photos California nature photos. Scenes of nature, California photos of the landscape, nature photography, scenic pictures of Southern California Coastal mountains, Ventura County.

Dale Proctor (Web site Nature pictures, California scenic photos art photo credits in national publication such as Vogue Magazine, Meredith Corp, The Territory Ahead, Lockheed Martin, editorial clients, corporate to small business art buyers of nature photography. California landscape photography, natural landscape photography. Nature photographs wall art scenic California landscape photography. Beautiful nature photography, prints. California nature photography for sale scenic books, trade magazines images, good rates great photography print prices provided by a Southern California coast photographer, California beaches coast photo collection. California coast photo galleries Southern California beach pictures new photos, scenic photography coastal California photographs. Nature landscape prints for home office improvement wall art. California mountain scenery photographs, pictures of California coast, list of scenic California pictures available purchase landscape prints of California mountains, photos of forests, pine trees, national forest scenes.
Nature photography wall art, view scenic collection of images:

Background, North American, west coast native Californian. As a child, 3 weeks a year the old station wagon loaded we would go on a road trip and drive to scenic national parks of California scenic locations. I have nature landscape photos and memories of colorful nature and scenic places of California's beautiful landscape. Photos of California Sierra Nevada Mountains, scenic places looking high up in nature scenes at beautiful falls flowing color light near scenic rock formations of towering Glacier Point to scenery in the green forest of Yosemite Valley. Watched rangers driving old fire trucks in Yellowstone National Park chase bears up big pine trees. Seen a Giant Sequoia tree fall on the nature edge of Crescent Meadow area of Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, California. Views of a scenic Kings Canyon wall trail hiking nature photography, big granite rock boulders scattered deep down the scenic Kings River, Kings Canyon in Zumwalt Meadow, Cedar Grove Kings Canyon National Park, California. Saw death in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains as a Mineral King Valley hiker in Sequoia National Park never made it to the trail end.

I have a creative natural passion for expressive nature photographs of natural scenes for detail images of nature photography. California nature images of the best scenic places made a great impression. I built great respect for nature, scenic beauty and her powerful forces on this natural world, mother nature runs this big show.

Nature is beautiful and dangerous. You haven't lived until you scramble for your life in white turbulent water river rapids of a wild and scenic river or canyon creek water. Felt helpless up high in top nature scenic places of California with nature photography in a storm at the mercy of earth's wild places and scenes. Nature photography of scenic beautiful California landscapes inspires my photography of nature.

Beautiful places of light glowing on rock edges of granite mountain towers, solitude available in late afternoon warmth. Natural visions of artist light on nature's delicate flowers, detail of spring wildflowers so perfect, pretty, nature is amazing for this California photographer. Natural patterns, designs, shapes, forms, lines, colors, and nature's detail for nature photography in natural landscapes. Art in nature scenes natural wild, scenic places of California.

I enjoyed 13 years in the martial arts, achieved Black Belt with my karate club where we learned strategy and great leadership - organization, perseverance. A winning attitude works best in nature as well as improvment of images of photography. Imagery which becomes the leading stock (industry leader) is best being at one with nature first then creative communication in graphic art with designing compelling photography of nature through quality photographic images. I hike for the best scenes of nature in California wild places for pictures and nature prints for sale on California photography site. California pictures of natural scenery, California landscapes of scenic beauty. In nature photography and visual art, improvement with creative passion is a concept as much needed as landscape photography of the best nature scenes.

The scenic pictures of California landscapes, images of California coast scenery require the art of seeing light, natural artistic abilities. Hiking nature trails with camera and lens provides a great challenge, which I enjoy.

I am a sensitive man with feeling for light and beauty. Passionate artist with a need to communicate feeling through nature themes and design, having viewers feel the message I communicate. Dynamic high impact, emotional response is my goal. Being a realist, I feel a competent photographer should explore with hikes along a nature trail (work scenes in-depth) as it is presented in the art work, in an artistic creative way. I have great passion for nature and landscape photography, without nature's grace we have no chance for survival. I give her my total respect.

A passionate nature artist, I enjoy many forms of artistic endeavor, art expression, interpretation, an artists way to communicate through photography by designing the light. Nice visual communication through nature photography in California photo galleries online I strive for in my photo illustration. I look for art in scenic California photographs of nature and the California landscape photography sites and areas photographed.

Hiked near 40 years in California nature, photography of California's places shooting scenic photos of California. Views of nature in a natural state come the photos in California scenic places, California wild nature's beauty. A great nature photographers challenge, the top nature scenes of scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Landscape photography of California "mountain range of light."

My technical expertise with photography evolved with influences. Study of fine art, scenic California art. Scenic landscape photographs of Ansel Adams, and Edward Weston's black and white. Intimate landscape portraits of Eliot Porter and his work in color photography. List of nature books authored by true master artists, great photographers past and present like Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, and Edward Weston. American landscape artists who were the better photographers in Large Format photography and well worthy of time and study.

Professional photographer's with the ability to convey technical messages to the readers of fine photography books, Art Wolfe - his artistic vision is incredible. I go trail hike the field working nature scenes I find with new techniques. Discovery through creative interpretation, developing artistic strengths and creative concepts with a source of passion as a nature photographer. With nature photography and landscape photography I have an excellent creative art background. Along with drawing for years I come from a family of creative artists working in music to beautiful landscape oil painting. A Southern California photographer with heart and I am following my heart with nature photography.

University of California photography courses, field study nature photography workshop, the best nature photography workshops, nature photography classes photo improvement from amazing photographer's in large format landscape workshops. Landscape photographer's in California Eastern Sierra region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Mono Basin, Mono Lake, Lee Vining Stuart Scofield. Stuart is the best to teach large format landscape photography, fine art landscape prints, selling fine art prints.

In the California photography images I use high quality Nikkor ED in 35mm. A Wisner 4x5 View Camera for large format photography. Professional film Velvia RVP, digital Nikon D 800 photography. California nature photo files, high resolution images, scenes of nature scenes for print. California nature photography for sale of scenic photos, nature print.

California photo collection of scenic nature landscape photos California nature scenes photos, California landscape photography beautiful California pictures online for your viewing and consideration. We list new recent coverage nature photography and photo subjects of scenic photography. Beautiful landscape photography of California state. To request buying California photography print, nature images or information, please contact us phone# to view images, large collection of California nature images for sale print.

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Photo collection's of pictures, nature photography and landscape prints. Nature photography, scenic California agriculture fields photos, Camarillo, California photos rural scenes Ventura County, California agriculture farming scenery prints. Landscape photographs for sale, images of nature print, photo for home office decor, scenic photos of California. Photographs for home improvement art for walls scenic hospitality photographs, nature detail photos, photo list of California nature scenes. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Scenic nature photography area images available for printing business brochures. Marketing for advertising commercial nature images, print prices, best photo rates. Good value priced landscape photos, prints of nature scenes, California guides, maps pictures as backgrounds, graphic designers project photos on books, art covers and CD's. Book cover photos of California imagery scenic images. Quality photo collection, nature photo library stock photo list, (California nature subjects list) stock files. USA United States of America CA

California photo collection images available licensed for use in industry trade show display, natural landscapes. Photography services based on good value to clients. Beautiful California art California mountains scenic photos of Southern California mountains coastal art photographs, California coast photography.

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