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Woodland images, stock photos of California landscapes, landscape photos of California. Stock photo series Southern California photos stock images of nature, landscape stock photos Southern California coast. California environment images of riparian woodland, stock photography in mountains. Stock photos of California woodland stream through woods in Conejo Valley mountains. Images of California, North America photos of Pacific Coast mountain lake (Malibu Lake), stream water flows along rocky scenery in Oak woodland landscapes, hillside slope with cactus plants. Pictures of California, mountain environment images. Native plant, flora is flowering near flowing water. In wooded areas, images of California natural landscape with water flowing in mountains is a scenic mountain stream. I hike down beside the bank of the oak woodland stream, making detail nature photographs of rocks, plants and California natural habitats.

Ecosystems need not have people walking on stream bank soil, which contains a fresh source of vital nutriments for plants in the riparian zone.

This is the natural habitat of flowers, California plants. I have nature detail stock photos of garden plants (flowers not native) seem to move out native plant life. I find myself understanding more about nature through coast mountain woodland stream pictures and natural flower photos in California's Santa Monica Mountains. Nice for inspirational photographs of Southern California parks, photos of natural scenery and how we animals and plants co-exist in the natural world. I am not trained as a documentary photographer photo journalist. I give nature my independent photographer artistic flare working in the field to tell a story in nature subjects I see with the best nature landscape photography for fine wall art photographic prints. California flowers, photos of blooming wildflowers of Santa Monica Mountain Range, large photographic collection.

Images of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are Los Angeles County. Pictures of Southern California Oak woodland foothills near Agoura Hills, California. National park photos in mountains where Native American Indian, Chumash Indians once lived in parts of Santa Monica Mountains of California. Pictures of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, photos of California historical sites, Paramount Ranch, Conejo Valley photos. View the large canopy of vegetation above the woodland stream in these Southern California photos. Plants and vegetation grow in shade areas. Natural California plants in the images are pretty smart, I respect nature!

I have fairly extensive photographic coverage of the coastal California environment of this riparian ecosystem. I was photographing Conejo Valley Oak tree leaves in frost and young Valley oak tree seedlings sprouting in early morning light at Cheseboro Canyon and Malibu Creek State Park, Los Angeles mountain range pictures north inland side and decided to travel to other photographic landscape locations for fresh stock images at Paramount Ranch and Peter Strauss Ranch. Trail hiking I could see a giant tree grove Willow trees and green trees along the streams watercourse through the mountain, canyons woodland chaparral. Then hiked along rolling grassland hillside with rocks and a range of natural textures to a colorful scenic vista which allowed the main scenic views in Santa Monica Mountains photos.

After colorful nature photography of natural scenes including wild scenics of riparian woodland images, I crossed the woodland stream. From a large open field south I saw the meandering creek travel under a wall of tree foliage. Hiking across fields of California coast sage scrub chaparral, woodland wildflowers, red Paintbrush, yellow mustard (flowers not in bloom) I saw Oak woodlands rolling hills and Oak trees in golden fall color. I have all four seasons pictures and prints of Santa Monica Mountains. Photos were made at the edge of the canyon creek. I found a hidden garden for photos of plants blooming for the Oak woodland stream photos on show or display.

A young lady riding stopped at the canyon creek, water for her horse. I did photograph Valley Oak trees and fall color photos of details. Nature stock photos, nature patterns in detail images, forest floor trunks, leaves, branches, bark, foliage parts photos in spring grass and morning light dew under a lone Oak tree. I will return for spring lake pictures, California photos of Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. Nature photography of Ventura County California. Images of woodland scenes, stock photos of California. Detail stock images of California. Stock picture CD of Santa Monica Mountains in work. Stock list:

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