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Article about macro nature photography, better photos nature photo tip, where photographic reflectors and diffuse panels excel. Both can be used for better nature photography prints.

    The light is controlled by three different methods:
  1. Blocking direct light coming to the area
  2. Adding light to an area
  3. Lowering the intensity of the light

Blocking the sunlight is no more than working in a shadow area. Here in nature photography we do this hiking trails to nature scenes or scenic places in California mountains. Looking for scenic photography locations. Landscape photographers hide the camera in the protected shadow of a tree to keep from getting lens flare. That is a whole different subject (lens flare) and I don't want to confuse anyone.

Blocking the light in this free nature photography article is a photographer finding an interesting subject then moving around to find a nature background which is lower in tonality (tonal value). If a photographer is unable to find a lower light level for the background of subjects, they better make one. This is using the reflector as a shield to block natural light. It does not have to be a photographic reflector, it can be anything you find outside in nature (cards work good) to create a shadow large enough to cover the area. People need to look in the viewfinder and see where the boundaries are needed and then block sufficient light to accomplish your goal.

Ok fine, we blocked the light and used our meter to read the amount of change in tonal value. There is not enough light to provide close-up detail in the subject, what then? Well, get the shadow off the subject and it will be the same as you saw it in the first view. You will need to adjust the shadow lines to assure you don't create the wrong effect. What happens if the shadow is now a dark background creating more of a contrast problem than what we were dealing with when we had no shadow? This is a good question. Photographer's use a diffuse panel. These diffuse panels will allow light to be transmitted freely through to the backgrounds. This will retain some but not all natural light in the background area depending on the type of diffuse panel you are using.

Adding light to the subject is one answer that we will discuss. We have the shadow blocking the subjects background area now. Then, we take a reflector and angle in light to the edge of our subject at the desired amount for our image. What we are doing is redirecting the light and are only limited to the intensity of the available light source and its angle. Some reflectors are very powerful and work extremely well in providing ample light and others are soft and display a subtle glow. Photographers just need to search to see what is available from sites advertising photographic equipment and try a few to find what will work best for your nature landscape photography. The sizes I use are easy to twist up and carry with my gear. Most of all, they are affordable for workshop photographers.

Another solution to the question above would be to use a diffuse panel. They are woven material that allows some light to pass. How much depends on the panel chosen.

Using a diffuse panel to create our shadow will provide less shadow than a reflector. Some light will pass through and contrast between the subject and background will be lowered!

This may or not be our creative natural visions we want to communicate in photography. It is however, another choice giving us a little control over nature.

View the subject holding a diffuse panel over it, you may like what you see. This is one way I use reflector's for nice artistic imagery. Nature photography has no boundary, it is personal preference and each photographers visions of nature. I hope to raise a large variety questions about the best nature photography. I learn photo techniques out in the field shooting images of nature's beauty thinking of creative ways to make the best nature photos nature photography workshop California. We all have great and creative ideas and I suggest you try what I have mentioned in free online articles and see for yourself. This stuff really works. I photograph nature close-up detail photography of garden flowers in gardening containers on my home backyard patio. Do product shots, photo assignment photography large format photography on top of those red flower pots, great location, scenic photography studio!

*  We are providing images to view, scenic images of nature photography techniques using reflectors. Reflector Macro Pictures Snow plants photos for nature photography prints. I do scenic photography and beautiful landscape prints of California.

With nature photography of natural world subjects you could learn how to use flash and how to compensate for the different elements in the frame, but fill flash is easy to detect in photographic images, nature photos for the editors eye. People can see you used flash if it is not seamless. Why are the camera company's fighting to get the technology down and lead the market? To make big money. The side effects are they create nature photographers willing to spend cash, not spend time outdoors in the field doing. Sad, for that builds a false ego, which hurts the market when it leads to photographer based web sites instantly popping up providing image resources of high quality photographs.

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