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Visualization The Art of Seeing

This is the creative concept of seeing the completed image in your mind before you actually record it on film. When we use our imagination during this process we are able to see many different interpretations of the conceptual image. Using our photographic craft we then can apply the proper techniques to create what we have conceptualized. If you want an actual representation of the subject you can choose to do this or you may choose to create something totally different which communicates that which you can only see in your mind. This photo concept is a valuable tool to help create a personal interpretation and record it on film. Being a creative photographer helps provide higher quality nature photography, fresh and unique images.

Think about Thanksgiving. Can you imagine yourself with the family? Who do you see there? Where are you? Focus better, see creative images in your mind, get a visual, dream. Be creative, artistic, picture this, see creative visual images, use creative imagination, the creative art of seeing.

In one of your outdoor locations you are going along a scenic mountain highway, any highway, back country road, mountain road. Looking over a nice coastline at the beauty in nature, grass fields, natural landscapes. What creative concept, images do you see? Fresh growth in spring, colors of fall? Sky cloudy, stormy, gray and white clouds, mountains high peaks, strong light? Is there fog, is it colorful, hazy or clear? What color would you describe the ocean, grass field landscape as? Do you see the blue waves tossing, green grass moving backgrounds, variety of leaves flowing in the wind? Does your mind let you feel this natural world nature scene? Picture this information, seeing creatively, get creative - dream.

Describe this creative visual experience in short detail. Nature photographers, guide this photo concept in your mind. Sit and think about the above two short paragraphs. You really can see the future when it is put this way.

What we are doing when we creatively imagine these two totally different scenarios is called visualization.

These are two concepts I have used to prove a point ---if you can visualize scenes of the future using a focused mind, why canít you use this photo technique to communicate what you actually see in nature doing outdoor photography? The answer to this question is simple, you can and should.

Looking over a scene through your viewfinder is no different than looking at the finished print or slide excepting of course, this is the time we can fix our mistakes before we make them. We need to learn use our resources better, our natural creative visions, just as we exercised them "seeing" creatively with related nature photography tips. When we do this we slow down before acting and guess what? We get results because we are taking control of the picture making process to design and communicate nature better than we have in the past. This is one area we can focus on for tremendous improvement, exercise our control. This is important as there are many places creative photography can improve. For beautiful nature photos creative nature photographer's must design (concept) images by taking control of this picture making process.

Determine what you really want from nature photography. Is it knowledge, competence, and the self-confidence you gain from practice or having nice digital photography equipment you may or may not know how to use but just canít seem to get results you want? Be honest. So, what are you waiting for?

When we build our skill to a level where we look at a scene, previsualize our wants, then knowing our film and it's special characteristics, expose the film for the end result and receive our interpretation, as artists we have begun to understand.

Learn to perfect your nature photography "art of seeing"

No different than what scenic photographer Ansel Adams did when he created The Zone System. The Zone System was designed to give photographer's what they were striving for which is predictable results with their photographic art. The art of seeing before exposing in the field makes things so much better. This creative photography solution took a forward thinking man with great creative vision, artist Ansel Adams. Had Ansel Adams not been a photographer, a great master photographer, we may today be struggling with these simple photographic concepts and not even know we were.

As creative nature photographers we must strive to be sensitive to the needs we experience within ourselves. Once our needs are clear and defined as Ansel Adams were, we can work to design a solution - good creative visions. Until we humble ourselves, there will be no growth as we already know everything. We must get control of our natural visions and creative side, mix in some artistic passion and light sensitivity. Drive our big passion photographer self directly towards the solution - objectives, which we continue to set and reset as we accomplish clearly defined goals, the professional way.

Where does our nature photography need to be? What direction do we need to go? Implement, monitor success or failure, both are constant. I love to fail, it shows I need work - marketing! For the best nature photography prints, grow in passion. Use natural passion for your nature images. This creative strategy is a source for improving creative natural visions, your personal art of seeing. Photography is visual communication, communicate nature's fine art with your nature photography.

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