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Mono Basin, Mono County
On California Scenic Highway 395 south, between towns of Bridgeport and Lee Vining, we crest Conway Summit. The beautiful landscape of Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area comes into view. A beautiful image of Mono Lake State Reserve. California State Highway 395 (scenic route 395) has long twisting curves, road winding the mountain through California's Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain landscape. Photography of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, California photos of Inyo National Forest. Scenic views along Owens Valley as scenic highway 395 passes Lundy Canyon. Travel along shoreline of a gorgeous blue large lake, Mono Lake. Photos of California scenes a rural landscape scenic view through natural scenery for photography.

The mountain scenery in Mono Lake pictures of nature is outstanding. You could say this colorful California stock photography in the Eastern Sierra region is in stunning landscapes, stock photography photos, scenic North America USA photos of California scenes. Stock photos of a variety of nature in this natural California beauty in nature. Photography of landscapes, Eastern Sierra region California stock photography. Landscape of mountains, forests, trees, views through forest. Stock photos of landscapes, California landscapes. Eastern Sierra stock photos landscape Mono Lake photo gallery Eastern Sierra, Mono Lake photography.

Driving Yosemite National Park on California Highway 120, you travel the road down Lee Vining Canyon into Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area. Mono Lake, excellent view, an image of bold, deep blue Mono Lake in sunrise. Mono Basin nature subjects for the image source. California stock photography of natural world coverage of California. Stock photography of travel destinations in California's northern areas of Owens Valley like the scenic Eastern Sierra images of Lee Vining Canyon. Mono Basin photos of rural driving Tioga Pass road out of Yosemite National Park. California stock photography photos Eastern Sierra Region Highway 395, Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area Visitor Center on east side. Mono County photography California Mono Lake.

Lee Vining Creek water flows through Lee Vining Canyon along to Mono Lake as does Rush Creek. Photos of June Lake Loop. June Lake fall color Aspen tree pictures, June Mountain reflecting pink clouds and blue sky in June Lake early morning sunrise landscape photos, Rush Creek at Silver Lake photos. Stock photos of June Lake Loop fall, June Lake, Grant Lake and Gull Lake photos in Mono Basin, Mono County. Photos of Mono Basin fall scenic photographs. Seasonal stock photography in Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains fall nature photography workshop. Many scenic stock photos of California autumn scenes. Eastern Sierra nature and mountain scenes for California stock photography photo agency images, editorial publications stock photography. Pictures in California stock photo library. Scenic stock photos of California parks, California stock photography of Eastern Sierra Region autumn color Inyo National Forest.

Rock Creek Canyon Landscape photos Bishop Creek Canyon Landscape photos California's Eastern Sierra Mount Tom morning light stock photography gallery.

Mono Lake, Mono Basin Photographs
Sunrise Mono Basin, Eastern Sierra stock photo Mono Lake photos.

Mono Lake landscape photography Eastern Sierra sunrise. Light flowing through scattered red clouds at dawn in early morning landscape photography of Mono Lake. Morning light photography Mono Lake sunrise pictures. California landscape photographers photograph along Eastern Sierra lake shore for photos in great light, Mono Lake basin lake photographs. Mono Lake photography, scenic pictures Mono Lake, California. Photo of nature photography workshops in California. Eastern Sierra photos, national forest California stock photos.

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Eastern Sierra sunrise Mono Lake
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Eastern Sierra photo gallery. California landscape pictures you view through books, guides and magazines are from landscape photography at South Tufa Area sites more than northern roads by Lundy Canyon in Mono Basin. Pictures of Mono Lake landscape locations are on California Pictures. We have Eastern Sierra photos of sunrise. Scenic photos of Tufa Towers at South Tufa area of Mono Lake. Eastern Sierra photos of Mono Lake South Tufa area in early morning landscape photography on the next page.

South Tufa is unique for nice pictures of Mono Lake. California landscape stock photos licensed rights managed photography. Licensing images, photography stock photos rights protected images for commercial use. Photos of California landscapes in north Owens Valley California's Eastern Sierra region. California stock photography, Eastern Sierra pictures, California stock photos of California travel photography Hot Creek stock photo California travel pictures.

Mono Lake
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