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Nature photography scenic photo gallery. Nature scenery in Little Lakes Valley. Mt. Morgan, Rock Creek Canyon trail photo Eastern Sierra Region of Sierra Nevada Mountains California photo gallery. Pictures of natural area locations California. Pictures of Sierra Nevada. Photography of Rock Creek Canyon trail hiking in California landscapes images of High Sierra scenery locations. Hiking nature scenery is one thing, hiking with photography gear in mountain travel for scenic photographs is different. At high rocky places along rugged trails in Rock Creek Canyon, High Sierra California pictures are really affected by light.

Most professional photographer guides say be prepared. Anyone who hikes in natural scenery like this mountain terrain not prepared, is a fool. Look at that big gray cloud photo. Smart nature photographers know clouds, that is a rain cloud.

You view in the Mount Morgan image a small creek (water) snow runoff. Spring California wildflowers gallery California photos. Plants blooming into big blooms in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Photography of California mountain flowers in Sierra Nevada places on the east side it's summer but you need to see great light for mountain photography in California. Eastern Sierra Region a source of outdoors adventure and recreation photography in California.

Scenic road travels into the beautiful scenery of Inyo National Forest for forest photos and California photography of Mono County. California map's available at Inyo National Forest Ranger Station in Lone Pine, City of Bishop, White Mountains Ranger District, Mammoth Mountain Mammoth Lakes, and Lee Vining Mono Lake Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area in Owens Valley. Photos of California Sierra Nevada, Eastern Sierra Nevada photography and mountain hiking.

You get nature pictures of California scenery day hiking Rock Creek Canyon. These scenic pictures in Little Lakes Valley southern end are sample images of stock nature photography, California photography, nature photographs available as stock. Sierra gallery photo below was out Little Lakes Valley, travel south to Morgan Pass then hiking west to beautiful and colorful Gem Lakes.

As I made hiking photographs of mountains that morning, there were no clouds in the clear blue sky. Rain started not long after these scenic nature images were made. I hurried through a stand of Lodgepole Pine trees (bottom picture) hiking to the Gem Lakes finding people, hikers hiding from pouring water! I did lake photography with a woman on the lake shore and ran for cover. The tourist photos, stock photography of Rock Creek Canyon is below Bear Creek Spire.

The nature pictures worked fine, rain (water) hurt my summer hiking photos. I made scenic photographs of the Eastern Sierra, stock photos of Gem Lakes scenery in places as hail pounded and thunder traveled down the big granite canyon. You view hail in the Gem Lakes scenic images.

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