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Aspen trees, autumn colors, nature photo workshop class 2004, California Pictures
Fall photo autumn color. Aspen trees fall foliage photographs mountain peaks snow. Pictures of fall color workshop, outdoor nature photography workshop classes.

Nature photographer, Eastern Sierra  photography workshop, fall foliage morning light.
Attending a nature photography workshop in the Eastern Sierra fall color of California can be one of the most rewarding learning experiences for the nature photographer. California photography of a variety of autumn, fall scenes in California. High Sierra mountain creeks offering fall color nature photography of moving water and fall reflections. We photograph fall color California Eastern Sierra early morning light photography and late afternoon. Nature photo workshop in California, photography of natural locations.

This California photography workshop is doing photography of California trees, landscapes of trees in colorful autumn foliage. Lining (water) creek areas, Aspen trees turn golden, orange, red colors and are exceptional for nature photography. We guide photographer's to California photo locations to photograph the landscape. Guide you to the best nature photography locations for photographs of natural scenes of beautiful trees at High Sierra mountain lakes and sparkling creeks.

While photographing in the field, all will be learning how to build better compositional skill, see the subject more like film does and choosing correct exposure value for the subject you are photographing. Photography technique is choices, learn how to make the correct choice, gain a valuable skill. Practice and learn to read the light, learn how lenses see, learn by doing and build photographic craft. You will be located at the right place for photography of light blended with vivid hues of autumn change. Fine art landscape artist.

Photography workshop participant photographing in the Eastern Sierra, fall color
Doing photography we help you become a better photographer.
If you are interested in nature photography and improving photo techniques this is the weekend field seminar on photography. Affordable photo workshop for nature photographers. California photography for the photographer passionate about nature, the natural world and needing to increase knowledge and skill level. Outside in the environment where you learn by doing produces excellent and colorful results. Fresh subjects for photographs is a key part in successful nature photography. You can be the greatest photographer in the world. How do you make great photographs if you don't know how to find great photography locations? Landscape photo techniques, exposure, composition, are covered in this affordable weekend photo seminar in nature. All camera formats, digital photography, high resolution.

Workshop information will be sent to all enrolled students prior to the photography workshop. California fall color photo workshops are held on weekends. All students photographers visitors California workshops pricing does not include travel, food and accommodations.

Fall Color Photography Workshop:
Location: Eastern Sierra, Bishop California
Date: Sat-Sun October 2-3, 2004 (this season)
Enrollment Limited: 6 Photographers
Price Fee: $125.00

Workshop information available online. Information includes registration, map, travel and details for the workshop. Fall color report for annual photography workshop, fall color update posted soon

Small group size affords participants the opportunity for personal one on one photo instruction with the teacher. Discover how to make creative dramatic images, which communicate passionate feelings of nature.

Spring nature photography workshops in California.

Eastern Sierra Aspen trees, creek, rain, nature photo workshop trip, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California Pictures
Scenic location for nature photographers and photography. Nature photographers in workshops photograph trees in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.

Photography is seeing the subject, environment and the light. With nature and passionate creative photographic abilities you record your interpretation on film.

Scouting landscapes for scenic photography locations to photograph, I made photos of Aspens before a fall photo workshop class. Rain created cool wet autumn leaves along Bishop Creek in the canyon. Cloud cover created fresh photo opportunities with a source of quality light. Changing fall colors saturated the transparency film (Velvia Professional) for the photography and nature photo gallery. Photography workshop group photographer's will be encouraged to do close up macro photography during flat lighting (mid-day). We are fast to note mother nature is in charge of all changing weather conditions.

Turning Aspen trees, Cottonwood tree and Willow create unique sights and fall colors. Autumn Inyo National Forest canyon lake areas high above Owens Valley offer wonderful hidden sights where we travel, explore and photograph nature. Scenic Highway 395 guides us as we tour up along high Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Central California east side we photograph outdoors in nature. California Aspen trees of autumn color, turning of fall foliage are colorful for a spectacular fall trees photo. Leaves change quickly as autumn color peaks in fall color Eastern Sierra Aspen trees in the colorful changing of seasons.

We guide photographers to beautiful fall color California photography.

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