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photos Central Coast stock photo sunset California.

Central California coast photos. California coast photo gallery of stock photos. California Pacific Coast photo of scenic California coast sunset, stock photo San Simeon 1 PCH Pacific Coast Highway in San Luis Obispo County.

Little town Cambria (artists colony), is located a few miles south of San Simeon State Park, California. Photos and scenic ocean views in nice places. We have made scenic coast California photos of California locations near Cambria. We travel along PCH 1 the scenic Pacific Coast Highway for California coast photos of Big Sur Coast, Carmel, Monterey and Point Lobos State Reserve on the Central California Coast. Stock photos of rocky California shoreline along coastal city Cambria. Art galleries, artists art work Central Coast professional photo galleries, California coast stock photos available. You find a California nature landscape photography gallery in Cambria, California.

Scenic driving from the city of San Luis Obispo, road north view pretty natural scenery outdoors. California Oak trees in rural landscapes through tree covered hills to Morro Bay. Small town Harmony, California is a road sign for southern entrance to Cambria. Colorful flowers, California white and Purple Lupine wildflowers line the road in spring, valley tree's fences and old barn's in fog fall/autumn color as you loop (road curves) into green foothills and scenic Central California coastline at San Simeon. William Randolph Hearst made the central coast cities famous with his Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. Hearst Castle owned by California State Parks. If you visit you will be overcome by the scenic beauty of our California USA West Coast the California coast rocks!

Evening light outdoors in the coastal mountain region was red color for scenic pictures of a Pacific Coast sunset on Central California Coast, pictures of Pacific Coast of California coastal seascapes. Minutes before the sun was to steal away the scenic views for pictures of California Coastal Region we made pictures of ocean views in California coastal areas. With beach photos of California's coast, California photographer's never know what they will find in coastal photography, outdoor weather (nature) determines the outcome. No cloud cover, just a beautiful clear blue sky at the spring coast landscape. View the red color in the scenic coast view stock photo sunset of California Central Coast photo. Scenic views in this beautiful beach area are a California ocean view looking over water to sea. The landscape on this scenic shoreline is sea level for Pacific coastline photos and beach photos, California beaches like Moonstone Beach, San Luis Obispo County.

You travel north into Monterey County for coast photographs, California scenic photography on Coast Route 1. Pacific Coast stock photos of California Central Coast views of California coastline along steep jagged cliffs and rocky vistas on scenic coastline, Big Sur Coast pictures. Los Padres National Forest California's large national forest from Los Angeles north 400 miles to Santa Lucia Mountains, Central California's Pacific Coast mountain range. Coastal cliffs running down to rocky ocean beach and coast landscape, big waves crashing over rock colorful blue sea water flowing on ocean shores.

Coastal rocks offshore anchored to the sea, pounding ocean waves, crashing water rushing into shoreline beach. Scenes of natural vivid colors, dramatic as if from a wild artists pallet, fresh colorful outdoor photos. Stock photo sunset of California scenic photography. Beautiful sunset California coast photo gallery.

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